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About Me

Having played roles ranging from Romeo to the Ronseal Man, I am a versatile performer with a love of Shakespeare, Pinter and Fry & Laurie, the greats.


I pride myself on the professionalism and dedication I strive to bring to each and every project with which I'm involved.


To me, my role as an actor is a simple one: to serve the script with power and passion and to move the audience. And to not bump into the furniture.

Height: 6"3

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Brown

Location: Manchester, UK

Black & white portrait by Ben Page 2017

The Pact | BBC | 2017

Angus (Dir: Tony Dow)

Gunpowder | Kudos / BBC | 2017

Clerk (Dir: J. Blakeson)

The Biscuits (Pilot) | CBBC | 2017

Edward (Dir: Dominic MacDonald

2010 - present
2010 - present

The Ruck (Tour) | Lawrence Batley Theatre | 2017

Spen (Dir: Joyce Branagh)

Richard II | CADW / Flint Castle | 2016

Richard (Dir: Janys Chambers)

Paradise Island | HOME / JB Shorts | 2015

The King (Dir: Justine Potter)


The Chain | Independent | 2017

Liam McIntyre (Dir: Paul Willis)

Fixer (Short) | Neutral Films | 2014

D.I. Blake (Dir: Amy Greenberg & Tom Brooks)

The Donor | E.S.P. | 2012

Peter (Dir: J.P. Bankes-Mercer)


Zola: Blood | BBC Radio Drama North | 2015

Sandoz (Dir: Pauline Harris)

Careless | Savvy / BBC Radio 4 | 2015

Frank (Dir: Justine Potter)

BBC Bitesize Shakespeare | BBC Learning | 2013

Macduff / Bassanio / Ferdinand / others (Dir: Justine Potter)


ASDA | Nice Shirt | 2016

Dad (Dir: Richard Jung)

Fiat Tipo | Indiana Productions / Saatchi, Milan | 2016

Main (Dir: Igor Borghi)

Nivea Men: Irritations | Sugarfree TV | 2016

Jordan Henderson's Dentist (Dir: Peter Cattaneo)


AMEY: Safety at Work | Fresh Group | 2016

Account Director (Dir: Billy Prince)

Dimension Data | Clever Marketing | 2013

Presenter (Dir: Simon Vacher)

Co-op Membership | Lion Eyes | 2012

Andy (Dir: Martin Riley)

Special Skills

I'm a trained and experienced voiceover artist with a good ear for accents as well as a clear bass / tenor singing voice. Musically, I have previously played drums and occasionally dabble with the ukulele. 

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